Social media is so prevalent these days. Regardless of industry, businesses are giving their social media presence serious consideration. Accumulating your fans and followers is imperative. But there’s one thing no business should ever leave out of its marketing plan: email. Research shows 91% of consumers check their emails daily and 74% prefer to receive marketing communications via email.

Any social media platform can change their policies at any point. Just this past spring, most businesses saw a dramatic decrease in their organic reach on Facebook due to a change the company made behind the scenes. As Facebook and other social media platforms move a more “pay-to-play” environment for businesses, it’s a great time to reflect on what we can do as marketers to make sure our clients and their long term marketing model will serve them.

Having email opt-ins integrated in all the marketing efforts, not just online, is important. If you are marketing a brick and mortar, find ways to capture that information when the customer is present whether they are buying or not.

Make your emails look visually enticing and link your images so your subscribers can get more information.  Stick with short lists, calls to action and links to your social media. The less time and energy a subscriber has to commit each time they open your email, the more likely they will keep opening your emails. Most importantly, make sure it delivers value to the reader.

Using the following tools will help you capture and connect with your email subscribers.

Mailchimp, AWeber and Constant Contact are among the most popular email service providers to help you step through the process and are accessible to businesses of any size.

LeadPages, Emperor Pages and Instapage all can be used to quickly create powerful landing pages and opt-in forms. These services integrate with ESPs and LeadPages will even get around the double opt-in process where up to 70% of possible subscribers could be lost.

You don’t control access to those who like your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter. But, a well nurtured list of customers who have opted in to your message is something that will be relevant as long as people check email.